Smart Features


There are lots of ways to integrate technology into your home.  These are some of our favorite smart home features.


Lighting:  Our favorite brand when it comes to smart lighting is Lutron.  If you like AI and using your voice to control your lighting, this is a great option.  You can easily create scenes for certain times of day.  For example, you can say “good morning” and have the lights from your bedroom to the kitchen come on.  Or say “good night” and have all the lights turn off.

Integrated AI:  Smart speakers can be used to control your shades, lighting, home audio, and more.  Do you like smart speakers but don’t like to have them sitting out on the countertop or bedside table?  If so, you’ll love integrated AI.  It looks like a typical ceiling speaker but designed so you can install the AI of your choice:  Siri, Alexa, Josh, or Google.  These can be installed throughout the home.  If AI isn’t for you, these can easily be disabled.

Shades:  Smart shades will eventually become a common home feature.  Once you live with these, you won’t know how you lived without them.  You can set them to go up in the morning and down at sunset.  No more going around the house opening and closing shades.  You can also control them with your voice at any time if you want privacy in the middle of the day.

WiFi Access Points:  Most homes have one router.  Depending on the size of the home, one router may not be enough to generate a strong wifi signal throughout the home.  This is the beauty of Wifi access points.  They can be mounted on the ceiling in strategic spots and wired to a modem in a discreet location.

Audio:  Our favorite smart audio system is Sonos.  Sonos integrates well with most AI’s.  Speakers powered with Sonos amps can be controlled with your voice.  You can pair Apple Music or Amazon Music which allows you to play almost any song at any time by using the app or your voice.