Energy Efficiency

Green Features

Along with beautiful design, another important component to our homes is energy efficiency.

With the effects of climate change becoming more apparent every year, it’s important that homes are designed to be as efficient as possible.  20% of greenhouse gases are generated from home energy consumption.  Below is a list of green features included in our homes.  These features significantly reduce the home’s carbon footprint compared to a traditionally built home.


Geothermal HVAC System


55% of home energy use goes toward heating and cooling.  A geothermal system is the most efficient method of heating and cooling a home.  That’s why, starting in 2022, we will use geothermal HVAC systems in all of our homes.



In one hour, the sun produces more energy than the entire planet uses in a year.  The typical residential solar array can prevent over 8,000 lbs of carbon emissions in one year.  Starting in 2022, our new homes will feature solar panels or solar shingles such as the Tesla Solar Roof.



In the typical home, 25% of heat loss and heat gain is through windows.  The windows in our homes have a U factor of .3 or less and a low e coating.



Walls are insulated with blown cellulose.  Cellulose insulation is one of the most eco friendly insulations.  It is made from recycled newspaper and has an R value of 20 in exterior walls.

After all the rough ins are completed, spray foam is used to seal any penetrations in the building envelope.

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